The P.R.M.L.A. strongly recommends that all parents and players take the time to read and understand the rules and policies, to become familiar with them to prevent any misunderstandings or injuries. To view any policies and/or procedures in Adobe® PDF format, Click on any link below. If you need the Adobe® PDF reader click the Adobe icon at the bottom of this page.

Raiders Creed

I promise never to be out hustled I will play both ends of the floor and fight for every loose ball I will sacrifice my body for my team I will always choose grit over flash and sunstance over style I will work and sweat and suffer so that come game time, my team can shine I am a PELHAM RAIDER.

“Love the Game above the Prize”

Documents and Policies

O.L.A. Privacy Policy Lacrosse for Dummies Players Equipment Guidelines
Discipline Policy Zero Tolerance Policy Goalie Equipment Chart
Floor Diagram Basic Lacrosse Rules Harassment & Abuse Procedures
Refund Policy Refund Request Player Release Policy & Form
AP Policy PRMLA Release Policy